Our Inaugural Year


Kenny Baskett (PreCal MVP, State team member)
Amanda Dugan (State team member)
Kylene Farmer
Kayla Hammons
Amin Makhani (State team member) Richard Moss
Trent Phillips

Alicia Bellis
Max Bernardy
Hayley Boisseau
William Brawley
Mitch Costley (Algebra MVP, State team member)
Erin Gorman
Alex Hamilton
Garett McLaurin
Robert Parr
J.P. Pugh
Frankie Snavely
Megan Springman
Kaley Thomspson
Kevin Todd (Geometry MVP)
Jeremy Wilkerson
Ben Wu
Jodie Wu
Drew Yaun
Our first year in existence was a building year. Luckily, some of the foundation had already been put in place. Before Dr. Garner started at Rockdale Magnet, he was Math Team sponsor at Conyers Middle School. There he was fortunate enough to have many of the students that would be on the Math Team at Rockdale Magnet on the Math Team at CMS. So many of the students knew of him and what Math team was all about.

However, Dr. Garner didn’t know much about high school math tournaments and contests! This represented a steep learning curve, not just for the students, but also for him.

At the left, you can see a list of the members. Some are designated “MVP.” At the Magnet School Banquet in May 2002, it was decided that the Math Team would be recognized as a group.

In addition to team recognition, Dr. Garner determined that individual contributions to the success of the group would be a good thing to recognize as well. Thus began the tradition of celebrating the most valued members of Math Team, one student from each level of math class. (Since this was only the second year of the school’s existence, the only math classes offered were Geometry, Algebra II, and PreCalculus.)

The MVPs are awarded a bust of a famous mathematician: Euclid (geometry), Gauss (algebra), and Descartes (PreCalculus).

Also for the first time, the entire Magnet School, not just the Math Team, participated in the AMC10 and AMC12. In this way, all the students can show off any problem-solving skill they may have and possibly become interested in the Math Team.
LEFT: The First Place JV Team at Armstrong Atlantic State University, February 2, 2002. Left to Right: Mitch Costley, Garett McLaurin, Ben Wu, Erin Gorman
Although this was our first year, it did have its interesting moments. One such was the trip to Savannah for the Armstrong Atlantic State University Math Tournament in February. Since only eight students were going, it was decided that Dr. Garner and his wife would drive the students in their two cars. Erin Gorman’s mother also agreed to drive. And it was a good thing they drove, considering what happened later that day! During the tournament, Drew Yaun complained of stomach pains. We figure it just indigestion, but during the awards ceremony, Drew was nowhere to be found: he was in the bathroom vomiting! He was very sick, and it was decided to take him to the hospital due to the similarity of his symptoms to appendicitis. Mrs. Garner and Ms. Gorman drove everyone back home, while Dr. Garner took Drew to the hospital. However, they couldn’t see Drew since he was a minor, and Dr. Garner had no authorization to consent to medical treatment -- because Drew never turned in a signed permission slip! So Drew and Dr. Garner sat in the waiting room for four hours until his parents showed up. It was to be the beginning of a set of adventures that hasn’t yet stopped.

Below you will find our record of placements at the few tournaments the Math Team attended that school year. Team awards are listed first, with individual awards listed after the team member’s name.
February 2, 2002, Armstrong Atlantic State University Math Tournament, Savannah.

1st place 4A JV Team (1st place overall) and 2nd place 4A JV Team (4th place overall): Mitch Costley (3rd place), Erin Gorman, Garett McLaurin, Frankie Snavely, Kevin Todd (7th place), Ben Wu (2nd place), Jodie Wu (1st place), Drew Yaun.
February 9, 2002, Auburn High School Math Tournament, Auburn, Alabama.

7th place Geometry team: Alicia Bellis, William Brawley, Erin Gorman, Alex Hamilton, J. P. Pugh, Kaley Thompson, Jeremy Wilkerson.
3rd place Algebra II team: Max Bernardy (11th place), Hayley Boisseau, Mitch Costley, Garett McLaurin, Frankie Snavely, Ben Wu (2nd place), Drew Yaun.
4th place Comprehensive team: Kenny Baskett, Amanda Dugan, Amin Makhani, Jon Skypek.
February 12, 2002, AMC

School winner, AMC10: Kenny Baskett School winner, AMC12: Nathan Garcia
February 23, 2002, Georgia Southwestern State University Math Tournament, Americus.

4th place 4A team: Kenny Baskett, Mitch Costley, Amanda Dugan, Kylene Farmer.

March 23, 2002, Greater Atlanta Christian School Math Tournament, Norcross.
6th place Geometry team: Alicia Bellis, William Brawley, Alex Hamilton, J. P. Pugh, Kaley Thompson, Jeremy Wilkerson.
1st place Algebra II team: Max Bernardy, Mitch Costely (5th place), Garett McLaurin, Frankie Snavely, Ben Wu (1st place), Jodie Wu (6th place), Drew Yaun.
3rd place Comprehensive team: Kenny Baskett, Amanda Dugan, Kylene Farmer, Amin Makhani, Trent Phillips, Jon Skypek.