Why are Math Team points important?

Math Team points are awarded for nearly everything that you do in Math Team. You get points for attending meetings, for participating in contests, going to tournaments, turning in practice problems, and other stuff. Members of JV are ranked by points against other JV members. Similarly, members of Varsity are ranked by points against other Varsity members. This ranking determines all end-of-year awards and other recognitions, such as the following.

MVP AWARDS. The person in each math class with the highest point total gets the MVP award. For 2022-2023, we will award an MVP in each of the following categories: 9th Grade, Precalculus, Calculus, Advanced Mathematics, and overall JV and overall Varsity.
LETTERS. In May, when all members of the Varsity team are ranked, all members with at least half of the top person’s points earn a Varsity Math Team letter for their letter jackets. We also give JV letters to those with at least half of the top JV person’s points.

STATE TOURNAMENTS. The top eight JV members by points are invited to the JV State Tournament to represent the team. The top four Varsity members by points are given serious consideration to be invited to the Varsity State Tournament.

CAPTAIN. The two, three, or four juniors with the highest point totals are automatically on the ballot for next year’s Captain. The juniors on the ballot who are not elected Captain become First Lieutenants. In the case of a tie, we have Co-Captains.

How are Math Team points computed?

The following is a list of Math Team activities that earn Math Team points. The sum of all points earned is reported on the Leader Board page. The Leader Board is updated after each tournament during semester, and weekly second semester until March. During the last week of March, the Leader Board is frozen until after the Magnet Banquet. (This way, the award winners will be surprised at the Banquet!)

Attend a meeting : 25 per meeting
Practice problems : 50 times percent correct + number attempted

Tournaments : 250 times individual percentile rank + 250 times team percentile rank
(Note: Only the top two tournaments per person are counted.)
  • Georgia Math League : 6 times number correct 
  • AMC10 : 2 times your score
  • AMC12 : 2.5 times your score
  • AIME : 20 times number correct
  • KSU Part 1 : 2 times your score
  • KSU Part 2 : percentile rank
Other activities may earn points, such as helping promote Math Team during open house. Additional points are earned at the discretion of the Captain, Mr. Hornbeck, or Dr. Garner.

(Note that working the Rockdale Math Competition earns no points since this is considered a duty of membership.)